Security Solutions Detail

Security Solutions

✓   Endpoint Security
✓   Network Security
✓   Cloud Security
✓   Data Security

I M IT as your partner for IT Security

IT Security has always been a focus area for I M IT Global. We offer end-to-end support to customers right from identification of the appropriate technology, demonstrations/proof-of-concepts, supplying, implementing and supporting the solutions. With tie-ups with all the major OEMs, we have executed over 100+ security projects all over India, Middle East in all the key security domains.

●  Consultative, Vendor Neutral Approach
●  Full range of Security products and services
●  99% CSAT as measured in our help desk system

●  Tie-ups with all the major OEMS
●  5+ Trained Security professionals on the team
●  Experience on over 100+ Security Projects all India & Middle East.

Endpoint Security

Provision, Assess, Patch, Detect, Respond & Prevent

Endpoint is where the action happens and we need to secure IT.

I M IT Provide:

●  Next Generation Antivirus
●  EDR
●  Server Security (Physical/Virtual)
●  Encryption
●  Vulnerability Assessment
●  Patch Management

Network Security

Secure your Enterprise Backbone

Protect your crown jewels in your Data Centre

I M IT Provide:

●  Next Gen Firewalls
●  Email Security
●  Web Security
●  IPS
●  APT Protection
●  WAF
●  NAC
●  Visibility

Cloud Security

Control Access to your Cloud. Monitor, Manage & Fine-tune.

Move to the cloud safely & Securely

I M IT Provide:

●  Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)
●  Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
●  Cloud Workload Security (CWS)

Data Security

Ensure Integrity of your data and prevent unauthorised access.

Data & Apps are need protection

I M IT Provide:

●  File Integrity Solutions
●  App Security
●  DLP
●  DRM

Our Services

✓   Identification of the appropriate technology
✓   Supplying hardware and software

✓   Implementation of solutions with Project team if required
✓   Onsite, on-call and remote support.