Networking And Edge Computing Detail

Networking And Edge Computing

✓   Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)
✓   CDN services with enterprise class security
✓   Collaboration
✓   Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
✓   Routing, Switching & Wireless

Software-Defined WAN

As Organization and its branches grow, traditional WAN architecture gets complex, increasing the response time and latency and considerably slows down the network performance. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions help the organization resolve these issues enabling branch agility, flexibility and scalability with faster connectivity among different network infrastructure We implement and integrate SD-WAN solutions from top vendors which enables digital transformation for organizations to a deliver better application and user experience, reduction in costs, and simplicity of operations at the WAN edge. With SD-WAN you will be able to connect you remote sites and branches very easily to your network and Cloud with lower latency, better performance, and more reliable connectivity.

●   High availability with predictability for all enterprise applications
●   Better Application and User experience
●   Dynamic and Application aware routing and security policies
●   Integrated Threat Protection

●   Seamless extension of the WAN to multiple public clouds
●   A complete bundle of security solutions designed to provide complete coverage for all connections and traffic

CDN services with enterprise class security

our Public facing applications, website and API’s are your key communication channels for doing business with your customers, third party providers and suppliers. You need to ensure that these resources are secure and reliable without compromising the performance. We have partnered with Cloudflare to Protect and accelerate your websites, apps, and teams. Our Managed Application security services powered by Cloudflare secures and ensures the reliability of your external-facing resources such as websites, APIs, and applications. It protects your internal resources such as behind-the-firewall applications, teams, and devices.

●   Global content delivery network (CDN)
●   Advanced Web application firewall (WAF)
●   Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks

●   Enterprise Bot Management
●   Global Load Balancing
●   A complete Managed Service


With our Collaboration suite of solutions, we can simplify Team communication, inspire participation and innovation, and empower people to engage with each other anywhere on any device. We have tied up with top vendors like Cisco to provide you the IT Collaboration stories with Collaboration endpoints, Conferencing and Messaging, workspaces and Work from anywhere collaboration platforms.

●   Collaboration endpoints
●   Conferencing and Messaging
●   Workspaces

●   Work from anywhere collaboration platforms

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

As digital transformation unfolds at a rapid pace, edge protection is becoming increasingly important. As mentioned by Andrew Lerner in the Gartner blog “SASE combines network security functions (such as SWG, CASB, FWaaS and ZTNA), with WAN capabilities (i.e., SDWAN) to support the dynamic secure access needs of organizations. These capabilities are delivered primarily as a service and based upon the identity of the entity, real time context and security/compliance policies. So essentially, SASE is a new package of technologies including SD-WAN, SWG, CASB, ZTNA and FWaaS as core abilities, with the ability to identity sensitive data or malware and the ability to decrypt content at line speed, with continuous monitoring of sessions for risk and trust levels.” I M IT has tied up with the top SASE brands to brings these capabilities in a single umbrella. With our vast experience in all these individual technologies and the expertise them to integrate them together with the existing network, we can really deliver value with these solutions to your organization.

●   Cloud-native network infrastructure
●   Network security at the edge
●   Secure internet and SaaS access

●   Identity-based network access
●   Work from home solutions
●   Zero trust platform

Routing, Switching & Wireless

Our Routing & Switching solutions provide efficient segmentation and administration of network traffic and workgroups are the keys to your network performance – and user productivity. I M IT engineering specialists utilize advanced routing and switching technologies from leading manufacturers to enhance the delivery of your applications and services, enable collaboration, and deliver business continuity by ensuring highly available systems and applications. As today’s trends toward mobility and telecommuting require untethered access to your networks our deep experience with wireless local area network (WLAN) technologies helps in incorporation of wireless capabilities into your IT infrastructure and extends network access to remote users and ensures that they remain productive – and seamlessly and securely connected – to your business-critical data and applications.

●   Routing and Switch Solutions & Appliances
●   Wireless solution & Appliances

●   Network & Wireless Management solutions